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  • European Recreational and Oldtimers Hockey Association

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EUROHA - European Recreational and Oldtimers Association is based in Riga, Latvia (EU).

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  • Normunds Kupcis

Normunds Kupcis

Speciality in International Marketing and Management Lead auditor. Experience in Sport Management from 1991 with IMG Sport Group (USA, Phoul Theophanous clients Arthur Irbe, Sandis Ozolinsh for San Jose SHARKS), International Hockey Tour Manager for Latvian Teams in World Cup games starting from 2004 (Gothenburg, Quebec, Tampere, Sault.Ste. Marie), World Master Winter games 2010 in the Bled.

Member of Council and Vice- President of Oldtimer Commity in Latvian Hockey federation, Founder and Ex-Director of foundation VECMEISTARI ( Support foundation of Oldtimers in Latvia). One of the Group members for foundation EUROHA . Chairmen of Board in company „ SPORT MANAGEMENT ARTS” Ltd, Managing Director of World Cup Tournament AMBER CUP RIGA 2014. He was elected as President of EUROHA at 2014 Constitutional convention in Riga, Latvia.

  • MS

MiloŇ° Sluga

Was born in Ljubljana in May 17.1949. His first contact with an ice hockey was in 1960, when Ljubljana has received their first artificial Ice hockey rink. He was playing with juniors in a local team until 1966. At 1970, he joined a small Slovenian club Prevoje for two seasons, and after this he played for eight seasons at Tivoli, Ljubljana. In 1981 he completed his career as an ice hockey player and started to work for two seasons as a technical assistant coach with team Tivoli.

Meanwhile he was preparing himself for an exam for an Ice hockey referee. In 1988 he got together with some Ice hockey friends and they started to play the recreational league in Ljubljana, Slovenia TRIM hockey club was a league base, supports more oldtimer and recreational teams internationaly - they have participated in World Cup for Oldtimers in Gothenburg (1992), Lillehamer (1994), Bled (1995) and Toronto (1996), Vancouver (2000), Helsinki (2002), Ottawa (2004), Quebec (2008), Sault Ste Marie (2012), Amber Cup Riga (2014)

Milos was a member of an organizing committee of the World Master Winter games 2010 at Bled, where he was also an Executive manager for the Ice hockey.

For the last 20 years Miloš is a secretary general to TRIM Hockey club and S.O.H.A. He was awarded by the City council of Ljubljana at 1999, they granted him a Rozanc award, which is the highest city award for a person working in sports. CARHA also made him an inductee at CARHA Hockey Hall of fame at 2004 in International Friends Category.

Milos is working together with Mr. Kupcis  to establish EUROHA - an association which will join together all European Oldtimer and recreational Ice hockey teams. He was elected as Secretary General of EUROHA at 2104 Constitutional convention in Riga, Latvia.

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