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EUROHA Zoom Meeting

 time TBA


1. Participants  / Aneka Hiti/ Miloš Sluga/Normunds Kupcis /+  ?

2. Capacity for number of participating teams in Slovenia /Austria April 2024.

3. Age groups ( 19-35; 30-39;40-49;50-60&more  + women's teams )


5. Cost of 1 game 1,5 h with technical brake for ice cleaning with referee & technical costs

6. Maximum number of games on 5 ice rinks ( or more ? )

7.Finance /all technical expenses for 4-5 days games & all technical costs.

8. Incomes from participant teams:

            8.1. registration fee EUR 350 ( for start-up for organizers)

            8.2. Team participation fee ( for covering Nr.7) EUR 1800-2200 ?

            8.3. the First deposit for Hotels 10-15% from all costs

            8.4. unpaid amount for hotels

            8.5. tickets for Opening & Closing ceremony

            8.6. tickets for social events – excursions

            8.7. sale of merchandels with Cup games simbolik

9. Installment schedules :

            9.1. early birds – 15% less than regular payments ( 01.05.2023.- 31.08.23)

            9.2. regular payments 01.09.23 – 30.11.23

            9.3. last call 20% + regular payments (01.12.23- 31.01.24)

10. Agreement between EUROHA and  HOCKEY ACADEMIA  and the term of the agreement

            10.1.  agreement fee after sign

            10.2. fee from incomes (5% )

            10.3. fee from incomes coming from EUROHA invited teams (-10%).

If you find something more, let us know!

  • Can Cham EUROHA Christmas party large

First Christmas Can Cham & EUROHA

Tonight was the First Christmas pary of this Year  in Can Cham.EUROHA supported with Price for Riffle for disability children with Canadian Oldtimers  Team jersy with GRETZKY name.

Euroha becomes a Member of CanCHAM

On Jul 16th 2019 Euroha becomes a Member of CanCHAM.



The 11th European Congress on Sports Medicine will take place in Portorose, Slovenia, from the 3rd to the 5th October 2019.

The main topics of the Congress will be: the development of elite young athletes, sport injuries, rehabilitation and prevention, exercise physiology, fitness testing and training, the psychology of performance and injury and exercise prescription for prevention and therapy. The Congress is organized by the Slovenian Sports Medicine Association, for any information please refer to

From EUROHA mr. Normunds Kupcis has presentation about this association, how older persons can still remain in sport without injuries.


  • IRFA

Ice rinks for all

Is a project that wants to bring to ice all family members on different occasions.  When I say ice, this is an ice surface for playing or skating in all its forms. Historical facts suggest that the ice surfaces were also used for transportation (frozen river crossing) and for fun like drifting, skating or playing games. Since EUROHA is an ice hockey organization for oldtimers and recreational players,  Its goal is to enable more ice hockey for everyone.EUROHA has received a part of the project, that will bring ice hockey  to everyone. Even to the ones who never dealt with this beautifull sport before or to the ones who terminated their active carrer.


Press conference EUROHA CUP-2019

Dear friends and fans of hockey!

It gives us great pleasure to take part in organizing a hockey forum that brings together different countries and continents. You are an example for all people who wish peace and prosperity to our Planet, happiness and health to all of us.    Therefore, we want to wish you an uncompromising and fair fight on the court in the name of a noble game. We are confident that your achievements will serve the benefit of world amateur and oldtimers  hockey.

Hockey Ambassador of Peace and Friendship in the World.

 Program of conference :

1.  ICE RINKS FOR ALL with Russia participation.


Also you can watch video conference at

Participants :

Natalia Sergunina – The Deputy Mayor of  Moscow
Alenka Hiti – Head of EU project «Ice rinks for all of programm Erasmus +»
Normunds Kupcis – President of the EUROHA
Sergey Makarov – Chairman EUROHA CUP 2019
Alexander Tretyak – Executive director  EUROHA CUP 2019
Andrey Dmitriev – President of Sochi Hockey Federation
Sergey Smirnov – Sport director  EUROHA CUP 2019
Slava Petrakov – Deputy of executive director EUROHA CUP 2019

After the conference the press release was issued, and you can read all about it in attached file.

EUROHA New goals

EUROHA is an association that directs the operations of the recreational and veteran teams in Europe.

In near future we aim to become members of IIHF, as one of the parts of our activities focuses on the competition sports for recreational and veteran teams.

One of the missions of EUROHA is spreading the idea of getting involved in hockey on ice to inactive people.

There is an initiative among the members of the executive board encouraging sportsmen to donate their still working equipment once they do not use it any longer - EUROHA would then use its members to spread the equipment in the environments where hockey on ice is still in its infancy, and with low support due to the lack of finances on the state level.

Last, but not least, EUROHA is a central point where all the information about the various forms of competitions for recreationals and veterans in a running season can be found. In the countries where the infrastructure is developed, the members of local organizations could use the ice rinks when they are available, and hand down their knowledge on people who before could not afford or were just not in contact with skating or other forms of of fun activities on ice - but now want to do so; everything for a small contribution for the maintenance of the ice rink.

The older hockey players who already concluded their careers and are becoming members of EUROHA (or are members of teams or federations of EUROHA) could become the trainers of recreational teams (even the ones playing on frozen lakes), as hockey on ice is known to be popular among people of various ages, and also those with no previous practical experience. To avoid injuries - making the sport practically harmless - EUROHA introduced a set of regulations that limit all roughness, and thus distinguish this form of hockey on ice from the competitive form.

Why We Need EUROHA

(European Union Recreational and Oldtimers Hockey Association)

By Milos SLUGA,
Member of CARHA Hockey Hall of Fame at 2004 in International Friends Category,

The founding meeting of the European Recreational and Oldtimers’ Hockey Association EUROHA took place in Riga April 30th. During this significant gathering representatives of Latvian, Russian, Slovenian and Scandinavian hockey oldtimers agreed upon the establishment of an association and further active cooperation. The World Hockey Tournament for Recreational and Oldtimers’ Teams Amber Cup 2014 has brought about 1000 hockey oldtimers to Riga this week.

Among the participants of the founding meeting of the European Recreational and Oldtimers’ Hockey Association was Bjorn Aberg, president of the Swedish Oldtimers' Hockey Association SOHA, Kare Ostensen, president of the Norwegian Oldtimers' Hockey Association NOHA, Miloš Sluga, General secretary of Slovenian Oldtimers' Hockey Association and Vladimir Ovchinnikov, director of the Russian Sports Management agency SPORTVETERAN, as well as representatives of Latvian hockey oldtimers - Uldis Opits, chairman of the Latvian Hockey Federation Oldtimers’ Committee and president of the Latvian Hockey Oldtimers' Foundation VECMEISTARI; Normunds Kupcis, representative of the Latvian Oldtimers' Hockey Association and Aleksands Mihailovs, representative of VALMIERA Oldtimers' Hockey Club, Latvia.

During the gathering, MILOŠ SLUGA, General secretary of the Slovenian Oldtimers' Hockey Association, who is also the European representative of the Canadian Recreational and Oldtimers’ Hockey Association CARHA , gave an overview of the foundation history of the European Oldtimers’ Hockey Association, as well as the previous work of the National associations and the prospective tasks of EUROHA in the future. Specific reference was made to the lack of sufficient support to hockey oldtimers from the part of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the need to initiate the registration of the oldtimers’ playing rules with the IIHF as soon as possible. The present SOHA and NOHA presidents supported the establishment of the association, while expressing a proposal to postpone the establishment of the association and to convene the next meeting of the hockey oldtimers’ representatives in the following year. After the voting of the representatives, a majority ruled in the foundation of the European Recreational and Oldtimers’ Hockey Association EUROHA without delay, and elected the Board of the Association consisting of 3 people.

Normunds Kupcis, Milos Sluga and Vladimir Ovchinnikov were elected to the Board of the European Recreational and Oldtimers’ Hockey Association EUROHA, who from their midst elected the Latvian representative Normunds Kupcis as the President of EUROHA, while as the Secretary-General of the Association - the Slovenian representative Milos Sluga. The lawyer Janis Birzulis was appointed as the auditor of the Association, and his further responsibilities include the legal registration of the Association in Riga.

The leaders of the Swedish and Norwegian Oldtimers’ hockey associations congratulated the founders and expressed confidence in a successful further cooperation of the newly founded Association with National hockey oldtimers’ associations and Oldtimers’ committees of the National hockey federations of other countries, including the need to cooperate with the Finnish Hockey Oldtimers’ Association FOHA. Similar intentions to encourage Russian hockey oldtimers to participate in the newly established EUROHA were also expressed by Vladimir Ovchinnikov.

World Hockey Tournament for Recreational and Oldtimers’ Teams Amber Cup Riga 2014 is taking place in Riga from April 29th to May 4th, at seven Riga and surrounding ice arenas bringing together 56 teams from 10 countries. During the five days of the tournament, a total of 162 hockey matches will be played.

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